Science in Our Materials

Hima Cement Ltd. uses scientific research and experimentation to find ways of using fewer natural resources.

Environmentally friendly building materials

Hima's goals in researching more environmentally friendly products are twofold:

  • In the production process, to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and conserve natural resources - e.g. by increasing the proportion of recycled raw materials used.

  • To develop products for sustainable construction - e.g. enhancing the properties of materials, such as concrete, that retain and distribute heat in cold climates and keep interiors cool in warm climates.

Cement manufacturing consumes non-renewable raw materials in large quantities and emits significant levels of CO2.

As urbanization increases, the demand for housing and infrastructures also grows. However, buildings account for important CO2 emissions and consume huge amounts of energy across a lifecycle that spans production, construction, operation and demolition.