Caring For The Environment


Like all industries, we operate in delicate ecosystems that provide humans and animals with important resources such as freshwater, food, raw materials and energy. Ecosystems also contribute to stabilising climate conditions, reducing flood risks and preserving air quality for all; therefore, it is important that companies like Hima Cement continue to lead in protecting and promoting biodiversity and local ecosystems.

Hima Cement continues to adhere to these principles by rehabilitating quarries and creating new habitats whenever possible. Preserving biodiversity has been a long-standing guiding principle and a key component of our license to operate.

Following completion of the limestone excavation process, we undertake rehabilitation works to avert the site to its original condition prior to mining initiation. We have an elaborate Environmental Management and Monitoring Plan (EMMP) that we follow in our decommissioning and restoration activities. 54 hectares has been restored.