Dry Mortar Products

The Tector Ceram brand has a selection of dry mortar products to meet the needs of our customers; ensuring superior internal and external building finishing design, unveiling the beauty in every construction project.

  • Two Tile Adhesives; C1 and C2
  • Two Tile Grouts; Grey and White
  • And Tector Admix, a water proofing additive for application in concrete and mortar.
Tector Ceram Tile Adhesive

Tector Ceram CITE is an adhesive mortar for bonding tiles onto floors and walls. C1TE is versatile enough for internal, external, vertical and horizontal surfaces of small and medium sized domestic structures.


 • Genuine and trusted brand

• Permanently sticks to horizontal and vertical surfaces


Tector Ceram Tile Adhesive Ultra

Tector Ceram C2TE is used on domestic and commercial structures and for heavy duty application. C2TE has a water absorption rate of over 3%.

• Easy to Apply
• Affordable
• High bendability
• Does not sag on vertical


Tector Ceram Grout Ultra

Tector Ceram Grout ultra is a filler and sealant for the joints between tiles. It protect tiles and the surface underneath. Grout ultra also prevents moisture from seeping into the substrate.


• Easy to Apply

• Affordable

• High bondability

• Creates a uniform appearance


Tector Admix

Tector Admix is a type of water proofing admixture which prevents water from passing through hardened concrete. 


• It’s water resistant

• Easy to apply

• Affordable

• Highly effective