Vision, Mission and Values


Vision and Mission

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Our Vision

To be the preferred provider of cement and concrete based building solutions in East Africa with a strong focus on customer experience.

Our Mission

To exceed customer expectations by producing and providing innovative products and world-class solutions through a safe and engaging work environment; working with our stakeholders to drive a culture of safety and excellence in a sustainable way.




The undisputed leader in Construction Solutions

Hima Cement Limited is committed to:

  • offering our customers the best in innovative materials and reliable products and services,
  • reinforcing our position as the world leader for our suppliers, employees, customers and shareholders.

Care for employees and communities

Hima Cement Limited is committed to being a world leader in:

  • employee health and safety,
  • protection of the environment,
  • social responsibility,
  • corporate governance

Our Values


Customers, Results, Integrity , Sustainability and People - these core values are inseparable from the culture thatthrives at all levels of Hima Cement.