Sustainable Development

As part of the Holcim Group, we want to lead in sustainability and set new standards for the industry. We want to help transform the way our industry works and encourage the whole construction sector to play its full part in addressing our planet’s biggest issues.


As the global leader in the construction materials industry, we have both the opportunity and responsibility to make a positive difference.

Sustainability is part of our core values and business strategy Building on a rich history, sustainability is part of who we are and how we want to do business. With the 2030 Plan, we turn this value into commitments to our partners, communities and eventually, into business objectives.

Our 2030 Plan will also help us adapt quicker to our fast-moving markets and drive our innovation. It will open a new stream of products and solutions, which will be relevant to our customers’ and communities’ needs.

We strive to create a better future through and beyond the bounds of our core business. Our approach to Communities and Corporate Social Responsibility is to secure and maintain lasting relationships.

Health and safety is at the center of everything we do, from the daily routines in our plants to our customers’ project worksites and our actions in our neighboring communities.

Like all industries, we operate in delicate ecosystems that provide humans and animals with important resources such as freshwater, food, raw materials and energy.