ROADCEM is a pioneering Hydraulic Road Binder in East Africa. It has been designed and developed with the intent to stabilise and improve physical and mechanical properties of soil in road construction works. It can also be used for waste stabilisation. It is ideal for treatment and stabilisation of road bases, sub-bases, capping layers, subgrades, platforms for parking, airstrip runways and more.


Product type: Hydraulic Road Binder: Compressive strength 22.5MPa (N/mm2) minimum.

Conformity: Manufactured to meet the physical and chemical
requirements of BS EN 13282-1 (European Norm) standards.
Constituents: Clinker, Limestone
Clinker, Pozzolana


• Longer open time of up to 6 hours
• Reduced probability of shrinkage cracks due to lower
clinker content compared to OPC
• Reduced cost compared to OPC
• Can better adapt to specific job sites than OPC
• Lower carbon footprint formulations that aid in
environmental sustainability
• Quality and reliability of a Hima Cement brand




ROADCEM is designed to provide optimal solutions for
improving the engineering properties of soil:
• Strength and bearing capacity are increased
• Better volume stability by controlling swell and
shrinkage - Better durability
• Modification of clay minerals enhances soil strength
and bearing capacity
ROADCEM is suitable for:
• Stabilisation of road base, sub-base and sub-grade
materials and waste materials
• Treatment of soils with either low or moderate plasticity (it
is especially suited to granular type materials with a
lower PI)
• In situ (including deep lift) stabilisation or pugmill blending
Selection of the most suitable HRB type depending on the soil
type can be validated using laboratory trials.


Health and Safety Warnings

• When working with HRB, wear safety glasses and gloves
• Wash your hands after working with wet HRB
• Wear a dust mask
• Wear a safety helmet
• In the event of HRB contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with
water and get medical attention if necessary
• Keep HRB out of reach of children