Rapidset 42.5R cement is an innovative brand manufactured at Hima Cement's factory located in Tororo. Rapidset is designed mainly for use in manufacture of precast concrete products like Building blocks, paving blocks, Fencing poles, Culverts, Road kerbs, Pre-fabricated concrete slabs and many more. It is packaged in a dust free hybrid 30 kg bag and brings about extra value in form of strength, speed, quality and low cost.
Rapidset is manufactured under permit No. P0800/2019 from the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (US EAS 18-1:2017) and is classified as CEM IIA-P 42.5R.
It is an innovative product manufactured out of carefully selected materials that include: Clinker, Pozzolana, Gypsum and Performance enhancers. The combination of the materials above ensures a consistently quality brand with attributes that contribute to the unique experience during precast concrete products manufacture.
Key Attributes
  • Rapid Hardening
  • Low Cement Dosage
  • High Clinker Content
  • Higher initial strength
Rapidset cement 42.5R is suitable for use in precast concrete, lean/semi-dry concrete mixes for commonly known and recommended mix proportions of Cement: Sand & Aggregates.
The Brochure below gives indicative mix ratios for precast concrete products however, actual mix ratios should be confirmed basing on raw materials available on site.
Wear approved dust masks as breathing cement dust may cause nose, throat, lung irritation or choking.
Wear glasses or safety goggles to prevent contact with eyes. Eye contact with cement may cause serious and potentially irreversible injuries.
Wear impervious gloves, shoes and protective clothing to prevent skin contact. Prolonged skin contact with wet cement may cause serious burns. Repeated contact may cause contact dermatitis.
In case of accidental ingestion, do not induce vomiting. If the person is conscious, wash out mouth with water and give plenty of water to drink.