Hima cement trains employees on defensive driving





Kampala, Uganda, 31st August, 2009. Hima Cement held a three day defensive driving seminar to refresh its employee’s and transporters adherence to road safety for themselves and other road users.


Defensive driving is a form of training for motor vehicle drivers that goes beyond mastery of the rules of the road and the basic mechanics of driving. The aim of the defensive driving training is to promote road safety for Hima staff and transporters in order to transform the road safety culture in Uganda. The training was equips drivers to anticipating road hazards and respond accordingly considering that over 90% of road accidents are caused by human error.


“We can't control the actions of other drivers but developing defensive driving skills aids drivers to avoid the dangers caused by other drivers” said Lazarus Musyoka, the Defensive Driving instructor, Defensive Driving systems Ltd. “If you have been on the road you have experienced aggressive and undisciplined drivers. These are known to cause a third of all traffic accidents.”

Mr. Musyoka added that, “inattentive driving is becoming more of a problem in this age of technology as people multitask while driving, use mobile phones, eat and even watching DVDs and this increases the driver’s reaction time.”

“Removal of destructions in your vehicle and increasing braking distance will go a long way in reducing road accidents as well as allowing for the mistakes of others and being courteous on the road”, added Musyoka.

Drivers should follow the 3 second rule. Since the greatest chance of a collision is with the vehicle in front of you, the 3 second rule helps a driver establish and maintain adequate braking distance, at least 3 seconds behind.

“Use the 3 second rule to be sure you’re leaving enough room between you and the car ahead. This can be done by identifying a fixed object on the road like the speed limit sign. When the vehicle you are following passes the object, count 3 seconds, and if you reach the object before you’re done counting, then you are following too close.” said Musyoka.


Dennis Kashero, the Commercial Manager Hima Cement, challenged employees to not only comply to safety rules on the road but to make a personal commitment to them and go the extra mile to ensure their safety and the safety of others on the road.


He said, “When driving defensively, the driver is aware and ready for whatever happens. One is cautious, yet ready to take action and not put your fate in the hands of other drivers.”


This can be achieved through adherence to a variety of general rules, as well as the practice of specific driving techniques like thinking safety first, paying attention, not depending on other drivers, and keeping manageable speed.


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