Hima Innovation

Creating products that are durable and easy to use, responding to customer needs and anticipating future demands are just some of the challenges which Hima Cement's research and development teams face as they work to develop innovative products which give excellent value to all of Hima's customers.


Tailored Solutions

Mining Solutions

Hima Cement works closely with partners in the mining industry to find customized solutions for the specialized applications in the industry. Hima Cement through its research centers ensures to develop fully optimized global mining solutions for our clients in the mining industry. Some of our offering to the mining industry include the following:

  • Horizontal and vertical shaft development

  • Paste-fill production and backfilling

  • Mine backfill technical support services

  • Customized backfill blend design offering

  • Shotcreting

  • Mine soil remediation and stabilization

  • Mine closure solutions (plugging and shaft capping) Minecem CEM III 32,5 is a slag cement customised for mine backfilling operations in environments susceptible to aggressive chemical attack.

Hazardous Waste Stabilization

Cement-based solidification of hazardous waste sludge has long been used as a stabilization method. Cement is one of the commonest binders used for immobilization of hazardous wastes preventing leaching tendencies of environmentally hazardous compounds. Petroleum hydrocarbons, alkanes and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are confined within the cement matrix by macro encapsulation.

Hima Cement’s Portland pozzolanic extended products (Powermax and Multipurpose) have suitably been applied in immobilization of constituent aggressive chemicals in oil wastes. The low Calcium aluminate content in our products eliminates chances of expansive cracking of stabilized waste mass and at the same time, the pozzolanic extension in cement provides the required silicates to react with emitted hydroxides and ensure long term stability.

The lime content in cement also provides for a raised pH and reaction temperature which thereby improves stiffening and setting characteristics of the stabilized waste mass. Addition of compatible sorbents and emulsifiers ensures the stabilized mass overcomes the problem of pollutant migration and subsequently lowers leaching losses from treated waste mass. Hima Cement directly and indirectly contributes to securing a cleaner, habitable environment.