Contribute to more durable cities


Resisting time and natural disasters and reducing their environmental impact are major challenges for cities. Our constructive solutions and systems contribute to stronger and long-lasting buildings and infrastructure, whilst reconciling environmental concerns, in particular by improving the energy efficiency of buildings or water preservation.


Our Contribution


Sustainable cities are not only cities with parks and gardens and which protect the environment. They are also durable cities that are can resist both the passage of time and stand up to natural disasters.


That's why we offer solutions to construct buildings and infrastructures which last and protect their inhabitants. Concrete is our best asset: strong, natural and maintenance-free, it endures through the years.

And in the event of earthquakes, cyclones or seawater corrosion, we can further increase its strength and resistance with our special enhanced performance products.


We are also developing innovative building solutions and systems that help conserve water and energy resources and reduce carbon emissions:


  • We have improved the natural thermal qualities of concrete with the ultra-high performance concrete-based thermal breaker (Ductal®) and the Thermedia® range, which provides six times more insulation than a traditional concrete.


  • We also offer HydromediaTM pervious concrete, which absorbs stormwater and helps natural runoff soak into the ground. It reduces the risk of flooding for pedestrians and drivers.



And soon motorists will be able to drive through tunnels without worrying about concentrations of nitrogen dioxide emissions thanks to our promising prototype for anti-pollution concrete!