Contribute to more housing cities


We take into account the great challenge of housing for all, including affordable housing, and offer cement and concrete solutions, along with innovative processes and services, which help everyone find a home under the best possible conditions in the heart of our cities.



Our Contribution


For newcomers to the cities as well as those that already live there, the top priority is housing. They yearn for more than just a roof over their heads, they also hope to find a place to live in the city, in their city, so they can feel at home.

Our materials are solid, available and reasonably priced. They can help provide affordable, quality housing for city-dwellers. Our offer includes:


Cement and concrete solutions that can be used to build new homes and restore existing ones.
Innovative processes and services to build homes faster and cheaper. Thanks to our partnerships, we have developed innovative concrete-based methods, such as stay-in-place form work.

And to allow the most deprived populations to find housing at low cost, particularly in developing countries, we have invented solutions to provide:


Easier access to our materials. For example we have found a way of delivering concrete into the heart of slums.
Easier access to finance. We have developed a micro-credit program offering technical assistance to the underprivileged city-dwellers who wish to build, restore or extend their homes.

This is the commitment we took in our "Sustainability Ambitions for 2020", a program we launched in June 2012: "Enable 2 million people around the world to have access to affordable and sustainable housing through the development and introduction of innovative solutions."