supaset new

SUPASET 32,5R is a newly designed innovative cement specifically made for fast setting dark textured precast applications, better flowable concrete with less water addition, lower water.cement ratio, a key benefit for higher strength gain as well as lower cement dosage.

SUPASET 32,5R is manufactured out of the Hima Cement factory in Kasese, Uganda in accordance to the Uganda Cement Standard (US 310-1: 2016) adopted from the European Standard (EN 197-1).

It is manufactured out of carefully selected raw materials to give the cement a dark texture, low water demand as well as high rapid strength gain, achieving more than 40% of designed strength within 2 days after application.



Due to its high early strength and rapid setting, SUPASET offers improved turnaround during production of precast products thus improving productivity and profitability in the precast business.

SUPASET 32.5 brings about rapid hardening, durability as well as value for money for end users in precast and concrete applications.


Precast products like bricks and blocks, pavers, culverts, precast slabs, drainage plpes etc.

Normal and reinforced concrete application.

Darkened floor finishes.

Rapid strength gain requirements,

Wear approved dust masks as breathing cement dust may cause nose, throat, lung irritation or choking.
Wear glasses or safety goggles to prevent contact with eyes. Eye contact with cement may cause serious and potentially irreversible injuries.
Wear impervious gloves, shoes and protective clothing to prevent skin contact. Prolonged skin contact with wet cement may cause serious burns. Repeated contact may cause contact dermatitis.
In case of accidental ingestion, do not induce vomiting. If the person is conscious, wash out mouth with water and give plenty of water to drink.