Rwenzori emission release





Kasese, 06/08/2010: The communities around the Hima Cement factory in Kasese will be happy to learn that the new plant that was officially launched on 30th July 2010 at the Kampala Serena Hotel will observe global standards in emissions.

Having employed state of the art technology, the Rwenzori plant, will produce high quality products under friendly environmental conditions, Mr. David Njoroge, the General Manager Hima Cement said.

“The new plant has been built with the latest technology to attain quality production and observe high safety standards”, Njoroge said.
”Safety is a priority at Hima, not only for our employees, but also the surrounding communities. This is why the new plant has an inbuilt technological mechanism to ensure that emissions are reduced to the bare minimum.”

To thank for the reduced discharges are the newly installed bag filters that limit dust emissions from the system which together with the energy efficient 5-stage Precalciner kiln, guarantee an environmentally friendly plant.

And to further reduce carbon emissions to within globally accepted environmental standards, the new state of the art plant brings to play a high quality product which in its manufacture uses more addition / extenders hence increasing quarry life.

“Emission mitigation includes energy efficiency improvement, new processes, shift to low carbon fuels, and increased use of additives in cement making” Njoroge said.

Njoroge also revealed that the new cement production technology has environmental benefits that include a reduction in use of raw materials, reduced energy consumption and reduced green house emissions because of the advanced gas conditioning tower.

Besides, to mitigate the effects of climate change, Hima Cement has been at the forefront of several initiatives aimed at conserving the environment. The company has been substituting heavy fuel oil with coffee and rice husks for burning of kiln which has greatly reduced carbon emissions. Through the company’s Green Schools Initiative, Hima has planted over 150,000 trees in schools countrywide and has also moved to rehabilitate limestone quarries in Kasese with over 1 million trees planted.