Road safety, a priority for hima cement





Hima Cement has marked safety as its top priority in 2015 operations with the aim to reduce the number of accidents related to its business activities to zero.
Speaking to the company's contracted transporters in a seminar on Friday, Hima Cement Country CEO Daniel Pettersson said a number of measures will be implemented this year to ensure the drivers are well equipped with helpful information to reduce incidences on the road.
The Cement manufacturer already reported a significant improvement in the number of accidents reported (nearly 50%) when compared to the previous year.
This while the transporters moved 10% more cement tonnage in 2014 compared to 2013 to the local and regional markets.
"Safety will be our top priority this year, as it has always been. This applies to all employees, contractors and subcontractors, on and off Hima sites," Mr. Pettersson said. "We aim to achieve zero fatality this year".
During the seminar, the transporters were urged to take their transport business to the next level by adopting latest technology and applying professionalism.
The transport industry is not every mature in Uganda and many companies are run as side businesses; hence the owners do not give adequate attention to the activities and behavior of their drivers on the roads and the condition of their trucks. This eventually contributes to some of the accidents witnessed on the roads.
During the event, Hima Cement recognized the Best Safety Compliant transporters and drivers.