PowerCrete 52,5 is an ultra high strength cement produced at our Hima Plant in Kasese.  Powercrete now sets the standard for strength in cement and is especially  ideal  for  high  strength  applications  such  as concrete railway sleepers, skyscraper foundations, precast slabs and beams, bridges, overpasses, windmill foundations, heavy-duty industrial floors, pre-stressed or post-tensioned concrete and more.

Key benefits:

• Fast setting period

• Highest early and 28 day concrete strengths

• Reduced probability of plastic shrinkage cracking (due to less paste content)

• Less cement usage per cubic metre of concrete for equivalent strengths

• Free lime content (fCaO) <1.0

• Alkali content (Na20 equivalent) < 0.60

• C3A content < 8.0

• Loss on ignition (LOI) < 3.0

 •Ultra-high compressive strength of MINIMUM 52.5 MPa (N/mm) at 28 days