PowerMAX 42,5 is a premium cement that combines excellent strength performance at all ages with versatility and enhanced durability benefits. PowerMAX 42,5 combines high technical performance for large projects with all round versatility for the small user. The characteristics of superior workability, high early and 28-day strengths in particular makes PowerMAX 42,5 the effective solution to the productivity demands of construction projects. The attribute of low heat of hydration reduces the risk of cracking in large concrete pours with lowered peak temperatures at all ages.


Applications for Power Max 42,5

  • For High Concrete Strength:Bridges, High-rise structures
  • For Large Projects: Dam/reservoir, Construction, Massive Beams, Columns and Slip, Form Works
  • For Soil Stabilisation
  • Foundation Works
  • For Ordinary Constructions


Composition and Conformance

PowerMAX 42,5 is produced at our plants by intergrinding Portland Cement Clinker with limestone and a strength enhancing additive. The product conforms to the KS EAS 18-1 cement standards as adopted from the EN-197 specification that is equivalent to the Uganda specification US 310-1 or US EAS 18-1. The product is classified as a CEM II/A-L 42,5 N Portland Limestone Cement.


Technical Data

PowerMAX 42,5 meets all applicable physical and chemical requirements of the harmonized East African cement standard as per data below. Bamburi Ceme nt manufactures PowerMAX 42,5 in accordance with strict quality assurance and quality control procedures to ensure optimum product performance and consistency. There are many variables that affect concrete performance that are beyond the control of the manufacturer. Skilled persons should use cement with special attention given to batching, mixing, placing, finishing and curing. The judicious selection of concrete constituent materials with special emphasis on aggregates coupled with proper concrete mix design process will assist users in obtaining good results.


Benefits of using Power Max

PowerMAX 42,5 retains the early age gain strength characteristics and 28 day strengths of Powerplus cement while having the following enhanced attributes:

  • Low heat of hydration (reduce cracking)
  • High workability
  • Reduced bleeding
  • Reduced porosity
  • Improved cohesion
  • Equivalent alkalis less than 0.6%
  • Smoother surface finish
  • Environmentally friendly (less CO2 emission)


Material and Safety Data

INHALATION: Wear approved dust masks as breathing cement dust may cause nose, throat, lung irritation or choking.

EYES: Wear glasses or safety goggles to prevent contact with eyes. Eye contact with cement may cause serious and potentially irreversible injuries.

SKIN CONTACT: Wear impervious gloves, shoes and protective clothing to prevent skin contact. Prolonged skin contact with wet cement may cause serious burns. Repeated contact may cause contact dermatitis.

INGESTION: In case of accidental ingestion, do not induce vomiting. If the person is conscious, wash out mouth with water and give plenty of water to drink.


Physical Properties

Specific gravity: 2.8 - 3.0
Boiling/melting point: > 1000° C
Freezing point: None, solid
Viscosity: None, solid
pH: pH of wet cement 12-14


Chemical Composition

Principal chemical constituents;

Tri-Calcium Silicate (3CaO.SiO2)
Di-calcium Silicate (2CaO.SiO2)
Tri-Calcium Aluminate (3CaO.Al2.O3)