Hima cement introduces super strength powermax 42, 5 cement





Hima Cement Limited has introduced PowerMax 42, 5, a new brand of high performance cement that contractors and specifiers will use to strengthen building structures.


Hima PowerMax is premium cement that combines excellent strength performance at all ages with versality and enhanced durability benefits. The product also combines high technical performance for large projects with all round versatility for the smaller user.


Hima Cement Product Manager, Fidelis Osawa making a presentation to customers
about the new Hima Cement Power Max brand that was launched last week at the Golf
Course Hotel, Kampala. He said that Hima's Powermax brand is specifically good for
high tower construction and heavy water projects like dams.


“PowerMax is high strength cement with high early day and 28 day strength that also comes with lower heat hydration, lower alkali content, lower porosity or permeability and enhanced cohesion which allows high workability,” says Sheila Byenkya, Hima’s Key Accounts Executiveduring the unveiling of the product.


The introduction of Hima PowerMax follows the launch of the new Plant in July that is set to increase the company’s annual production capacity to 850,000 tonnes from previous 350,000. However, in PowerMAX, Hima has developed a product that not only complements the high strength attributes of PowerPlus but also comes with additional benefits that cover a wider range of applications including ordinary building projects.


Byenkya adds that PowerMax cement enhances durability because its characteristic of having low heat hydration reduces the risk of thermal cracking while reduced porosity limits the ability of harmful elements like chlorides and sulphates to seep through into the concrete. Improved workability of concrete produced using PowerMax ensures a smoother surface finish and higher strengths.


Hima Cement Key Accounts Manager, Sheila Byenkya explains the benefits of using
Hima Power max cement at the launch of the brand at Gold course hotel, Kampala
last week. She noted that the cement is specifically good because of it's high strength
and enhanced benefits leading to durability of the structure

Uganda’s construction industry has suffered a spate of collapsing buildings in recent years. However Ms Byenkya hastens to add that this was not due to having low quality products in the market. “Some of these accidents that have occurred in the building industry are due to negligence or wanting to use shortcuts.”


Being a high strength product, PowerMAX is suitable for all kinds of construction. Not only is it excellent for projects with large concrete pours, it also comes with the flexibility of small projects. Individual home builders can also use it especially for fast track projects where speed is key. It can also be used in soil stabilization.


PowerMax cement is ideally suited for concrete works due to the fact that it generates less heat during hydration hence the risk of thermal cracking is reduced significantly as compared to when pure cements are used for the same application.

“PowerMAX thus gives best results for concrete pours and in particular large sections characteristic of bridges, foundations and dam structures. This attribute is due to the addition of limestone in the product,” Byenkya notes.


Lafarge East Africa's Marketing Director, Robert Nyangaya (R) stresses a point about
the benefits of using Hima Cement's Powermax brand during the unveiling of the
brand to customers atthe Golf course Hotel, Kampala. Nyangaya said that Hima
Cement Powermax is unique because of it's high strength and benefits that lead
to durability on any structure where the brand is used


Its improved cohesion also ensures concrete is able to hold both water and concrete aggregates within its mass so that distribution is uniform. Otherwise, segregation of the individual concrete components can occur which is undesirable for any good concrete.


“In simple terms, with Hima PowerMAX, you get high strength, reduced cracking and a smoother finish while conserving the environment,” Byenkya boasts.


PowerMAX’s coming though, doesn’t mean an end to PowerPlus, with Byenkya noting that it just another addition to the company’s array of products. Hima also sells Hima Multipurpose and Bamburi Supaset.