Hima cement holds a health and safety campaign for its employees, subcontractors and the communities living near its sites





Kampala, Uganda, 8th June, 2009. (To be changed) Hima Cement announced the launch of the 2009 ‘June Safety month’ - a month long campaign devoted to safety awareness programmes and training, for the company’s employees, as well as their families, subcontractors and local communities.


The campaign that is conducted every June in 3000 Lafarge group sites is meant to remind employees, contractors and all stakeholders of all long standing safety compliance requirements at work, on the roads and at home and also place additional emphasis on responsibility through celebrating improvements, high lighting good performance and performers.


Speaking to Hima Cement employees all clad in their safety wear at the launch, Mr. Tariq Iqbal, the Bamburi Cement Supply Chain Director said, “Running this campaign now and regularly is particularly important because workplace safety for our employees and contractors is a core value for us ." “Safety is an everyday focus for us and we want to enforce this regular campaign to focus and refresh our safety commitments, to boost the standards that are still being rolled out and to assess the achievements of Health and Safety.”


During the month, each site will organize events, open days, sessions to raise awareness and communication campaigns on the theme of health and safety for employees, their families, subcontractors and the local communities living near the Group's sites.


Mr. Iqbal reiterated that, it was important for every body to ensure that their work equipment is well maintained, in efficient working order and ensure they are always dressed in all the mandatory Personal Protective Wear. “Ensuring that your site is organized with safety in mind, and that staff are properly trained to protect themselves are the key considerations" said Mr. Iqbal.


Training programs have been set up at each site, for both employees and subcontractors. Dennis Kashero the Commercial Manager Hima Cement said “Safety begins with you and that’s why every body at Hima cement should take responsibility and sign the statement indicating understanding of health and safety requirements, violation of which will result in higher levels of discipline, including termination.”


To achieve this in 2006 the Lafarge group drew up an ambitious road map covering all aspects of performance in terms of safety. This will continuously be shared during the month of June to ensure all employees and contractors refresh their knowledge and understanding of safety standards.


Lafarge is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for its stakeholders and conducting its various businesses in a safe manner. Health and Safety are core values that must be incorporated into all aspects of its business.


The Hima Cement health and safety requirements are mandatory and apply to all employees and non employees i.e. contractors, transporters, vendors and visitors.


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