Eacpa commends action on adulterated cement





The East Africa Cement Producers Association (EACPA) would like to commend UNBS for taking action to seize 450 bags of adulterated cement from Mengo-Kisenyi area in Kampala.


For a long time members of this association in Uganda namely, Hima Cement Limited and Tororo Cement Limited have time and again voiced their concern about the growing practice of cement adulteration by unscrupulous business people especially in Kampala and its suburbs.


It is this practice that prompted the association to initiate consultations with UNBS through UMA, on the best methods of dealing with this vice, which potentially can create great harm to the building and construction industry.


EACPA is therefore greatly encourage to note that UNBS has made good progress in enforcing regulations that ensure that only genuine products reach the market and that those responsible for product adulteration are brought to book.


The Association’s objectives are to ensure that the producers of cement in this region meet the required standards in all areas of operation and that consumers are guaranteed of the high quality products at the most competitive rates in the market.


It is for this reason that we warn consumers to be vigilant and to buy cement from only authorized dealers. Consumers should also be wary of buying cement at lower than market rates.


We also wish to warn them to pay particular attention to the sealing of top and bottom of the cement bags in order to detect tampering. We are aware that many sites in Kampala do not break the bags after using cement and it is these bags that are later sold to pack adulterated product by the unscrupulous people. We ask site owners and developers to help curb this practice by destroying used cement bags.


The use of adulterated cement can result in dire consequences in the building and construction and we urge all stakeholders to supplement to the Government’s efforts of identifying and dealing firmly with offenders.


David Njoroge
General Manager
Hima Cement

Vice Chairperson

Mr. B. M. Gangrani
General Manager
Tororo Cement