Sustainability strategy


LafargeHolcim's objective is to create shared value within society, which is focused through four key fields of action: protecting the climate throughout the entire construction chain, developing innovative products and solutions for building energy efficiency, promoting a business model that preserves and optimizes natural resources and furthers the development of communities.

Create shared value with society

● Leadership in specific CO2 emissions among major international companies
● Generate, monitor and report greenhouse gas (GHG) savings through the value chain from sustainable portfolio




● Proactively engage with stakeholders at all levels
● Apply environmental and social performance and transparency standards, internally and through our supply chain
● Work with other leaders in the construction value chain to develop new solutions
● Develop culture of workplace inclusiveness and employee development programs
● Human rights, improving lives, community development





● Low CO2 cements
● Recycled aggregates including demolition waste
● Sustainable concrete solutions (e.g. pervious concrete, insulating concrete systems & solutions, low CO2 concrete, concrete with high recycled content)
● Enhance quality of life through inclusive business models




● Provide "Geocycle" service and increase the use of biomass
● Implement active water basin and water use management and deliver water to communities in water-scarce areas
● Implement a consistent and robust rehabilitation and biodiversity management at all extraction sites