Safety: The top priority

Health and safety is at the center of everything we do, from the daily routines in our plants to our customers’ work sites and our actions in our neighbouring communities. Our aspiration is to conduct our business with zero harm to people and to create a healthy and safe environment for our employees, contractors, communities, and customers. 

Improving work safety for everyone

To achieve our target of zero harm and keep accidents and lost-time injuries to a minimum,

Hima Cement Limited:

  • Informs employees and subcontractors of work-related risks and provides appropriate training,
  • Supervises the systematic application of safety rules,
  • Implements incident reporting procedures and regular audits,
  • Identifies and communicates best practices and drives their adoption across all work sites.



Road Safety

With 95 percent of road incidents due to driver skill or behaviour, our Road Safety Roadmap has two main areas: driver training and driver monitoring via an In Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS). Road safety is the greatest safety challenge we faceand recognizing the challenge, we started a road safety program to improve driver standards of our contracted transporters.

Drivers are trained and assessed in their vehicles to gain a Hima Cement driver passport. Driver score cards highlight and reward the safest drivers while identifying the drivers who need retraining. A bonus is paid to transporter employers and drivers based on commercial and safety key performance indicators.

We also work with the community, extending our training and reflective vests to hundreds of boda boda (motorcycle) drivers in the community.

Our road safety program here in Uganda is part of the Holcim Group Health and Safety Ambition to achieve “Zero Harm.”