Our priorities


Health and safety

Safety is a top priority for Hima Cement Limited as it is for Lafarge worldwide. A stringent safety policy is in place to promote a culture of safety and establish Hima as one of the world's leading companies in this domain.


Environmental Conservation

Hima Cement Limited focus has been to reduce its CO2 emissions and at the same time developing solutions to conserve energy resources

It is the policy of Hima Cement Limited to:

  • ensure that facilities are operated, maintained and, wherever necessary, modified to ensure compliance with laws and regulations and with LafargeHolcim environmental standards.
  • ensure that its products and their manufacture will not be harmful to people or the environment;
  • strive to continuously improve the efficiency of its operations so as to minimize the use of resources and the generation of waste and to ensure that any waste generated is dealt with in an environmentally responsible manner;
  • set targets against which environmental performance can be measured and have these reviewed regularly;
  • integrate environmental considerations into business decision-making at all levels;
  • train its employees to achieve high standards of environmental performance. All employees will share the responsibility for implementation of this policy.


Hima Cement Limited will demonstrate commitment to this policy by fostering open and effective communication with all stakeholders and other interested parties and by ranking environmental protection with other key business objectives.


CO2 and cement

Why does manufacturing cement produce CO2?

Cement manufacturing is the source of 5% of global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. The cement industry is a natural producer of CO2:

  • 60% of emissions are due to the transformation of raw materials at high temperatures (decarbonation of limestone),
  • 40% result from the combustion needed to heat the cement kilns to 1400°C.


Sustainable Construction

Sustainable construction aims to limit the impact of buildings on the environment while enhancing their quality in terms of aesthetics, sustainability, durability and strength. Sustainable construction techniques apply across the entire lifecycle of a building, from the selection of initial materials to demolition and recycling.

Sustainable construction signifies in particular:

  • the use of recyclable materials to conserve natural resources,
  • the integration of renewable energy sources into a building's design,the optimization of renewable energy sources

Hima Cement Limited will continue to contribute to designing innovative, lasting construction solutions - from alternative materials and recycling to renewable energy and optimization of thermal inertia - to efficiently reduce the impact of buildings on the environment.


Our CSR Priorities

Our CSR Policy

At Hima Cement Ltd, we recognise our social responsibilities as a corporate citizen. Hima's CSR Policy focuses on the key areas of Health & Safety, Environmental Conservation, Education and Infrastructure.


In order to deliver meaningful impact, Hima's CSR follows the following selection procedure;

  • Consultations with key community leaders/ stakeholders
  • Prioritization by needs and proximity to our locations
  • Review of requests in line with our key focus areas



Hima Cement Ltd. aims at improving the learning environment in schools so as to retain students.

Green Schools Project

Hima Cement Ltd. launched the green schools project activities in Uganda in June 2008. This project was aimed at inculcating a culture of environmental care among school children by involving them in tree planting and nurturing activities. By providing a long term renewable source of income for schools, trees would be harvested after 5-8 years for sell as timber or used as domestic fuel wood for cooking. The learning environment in schools would also improve causing a retention rate in these schools.


The project has assisted around 30 schools and over 300,000 trees have been planted. Other benefits from this project have included providing water tanks of over 10,000 litres, construction of classroom blocks and VIP latrines and the donation of sitter desks to the participating schools.


New Infrastructure for Schools

Hima Cement Ltd. set out to complete temporary classrooms that were previously started by parents and communities. So far  over 20 classrooms have been completed in schools in Kasese and Kamwenge.