Hima Cement Ltd. research teams work closely with customers to understand their needs, developing new products that add value for all players in the building industry and contribute to more sustainable ways of building.

Customer-oriented research

Hima Cement Ltd. research orientation is driven by customers' needs. Understanding how customers use its products enables Hima to develop innovative, high-performance solutions. Hima research and marketing teams build close relationships with the construction industry to create breakthrough products that add value for everyone.


Quality Assurance & Control

Hima R&D teams work to develop environmentally friendly products in order to:

  • Decrease CO2 emissions in cement production

  • Conserve natural resources - for instance, by using a higher proportion of recycled raw materials in the production process

  • Create value-added products for sustainable construction

  • Improve health and safety for employees and subcontractors

  • Optimize the performance and uses of Hima products

  • Raw material testing from quarrying stage
  • Consistent quality checks during production
  • Lab testing of finished product ensuring conformity to standards